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Aug 20,21 Casino

Posted on Wed, Jun 15, 2016
Dear Parents,

I would like to remind everyone that we have a casino to work on this weekend.  we still have a few spots left to fill so please contact me if your available to help!! Please remember that this counts towards your fundraising credits and our organization usually makes about 18-20 Thousand dollars from this. Volunteers please sign in at the desk upon you  arrival at the casino and make sure you have photo ID.  They have asked that we not wear clothing with any logos unless it is our team logo that is allowable.  There is no alcohol or gambling while on site to work your shift and anyone doing so will be asked to leave.  I have included a list of positions and times that are still needed to be filled please contact me for more information or to sign up.  You can call or text me @ 780-504-8173 or my Wife, Charity @780-278-8173.

Thank you
Joe Melnick

Day 1            Sat August 20                Day 2            Sun Aug 21
Position         Volunteer                      Position          Volunteer

GM                                                  GM 
11:00 am-3:00  Jackie Vetsch              11:00 am-3:00  Shelly Michaluk
3:00-7:30         Jackie Vetsch              3:00-7:30         Shelly Michaluk
7:00-11:00    Janine Pequin                 7:00-10:30        Shane Kolybaba
11:00-3:30 am Janine Pequin               10:30-2:30 am  Joe Melnick
Banker                                            Banker 
11:00 am-3:00   Wendy Vetsch             11:00 am-3:00  Jeff Goeckel
3:00-7:30           Wendy Vetsch           3:00-7:30  Marcy Mazeranko
7:00-11:00      Tracy Neilson               7:00-10:30  Evan Willerton
11:00-3:30 am  Patti Maisunouve         10:30-2:30 am  Charity Melnick
Cashier                                            Cashier 
11:00 am-3:00  Mike Baldwin              11:00 am-3:00  
3:00-7:30          Janelle Cornelius         3:00-7:30   Falon Reed
7:00-11:00       Janelle Cornelius          7:00-10:30  Falon Reed
11:00-3:30 am  Serena Whaling           10:30-2:30 am Tahrn Diogo
Chip Runner                                      Chip Runner 
11:00 am-3:00  Rose Labelle                 11:00 am-3:00  Rachel Kofluk
3:00-7:30       Colin Mazeranko              3:00-7:30     Chris  Anema
7:00-11:00  Phoene Jogielski                 7:00-10:30  Patti Moskal
11:00-3:30 am  Craig Hinche                10:30-2:30 am  Patti Moskal
CR SUP                                               CR SUP 
11:00-3:30 am  Jeff Greenwood              11:00-2:30 am  Marci Mazeranko
Countroom                                          Countroom 
11:00-3:30 am  Kerry Mottern                11:00-2:30 am  Amanda Brick
11:00-3:30 am  Maryann Toledo              11:00-2:30 am  Dody
11:00-3:30 am  Michelle Gushe               11:00-2:30 am  Mandy Stanton
11:00-3:30 am  Leslie Gordey                 11:00-2:30 am  Shawna Beckett
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